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ANM has operated a successful brick-and-mortar naturopathic clinic for years, with hundreds of success stories healing conditions Mainstream Medicine doesn’t have answers for.

With the growth in demand for tele-health solutions, ANM was already leading the way with popular virtual consultations, but they required a patient experience that set them apart from the crowd and enhanced their existing ecommerce store.

Visual Identity

For the ANM team, the flower had always been the perfect visual metaphor for their brand.

Encapsulating a sense of both “nature” and “beauty,” the flower was representative of ANM’s people and their patients.

Our team was able to take that original inspiration and recreate it a modern, timeless look and in a configuration that was easily executed in mediums both physical and digital.

Verbal Identity

After an extensive research process, we discovered a wealth of information that allowed us to form a concrete vision of who their ideal patient is and what matters to them.

ANM’s patients are dealing with literal pain points, and those critical issues provided us with clear direction for ANM’s brand story.

In the end, we were able to craft brand messages, tone of voice, and deeply emotional copy that resonated with their target audience.


ANM required a game-changing website that accomplishes two important goals:

1) Supports their existing in-patient business at their brick-and-mortar clinic.

2) Drives their outreach efforts for online patients and increased sales in their ecommerce store.

Together with their team, we strategized several distinct user flows for each of those personas and wrapped the whole site in a stunning visual package that increased the effectiveness of the brand.

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