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How do you create, launch, and accelerate a startup real estate brokerage from scratch, powered by brand and marketing execution?
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How do you create a brand from scratch that appeals to your ideal customer, embodies your company’s values, and captures the essence of the local culture?

That was the challenge presented to us by the Revel team.

Combined with their existing high level of transactional execution and relationship management, Revel was on a mission to raise the bar for real estate branding and marketing.

And they tabbed Brandish to execute their vision.

Visual Identity

We call it “The Brand.”

Tapping into Revel’s Montana-based culture, the team envisioned a look that felt local, iconic, and a little nostalgic, but wrapped in an execution that communicated modern luxury.

In addition to the corporate logo, we also designed their mascot — a modern take on the legendary American Bison. A perfect fit for the brand. 

The Mascot
In the Wild

Verbal Identity

Revel’s verbal identity was formed on the back of two guiding principles we uncovered during or research process.

1) Clients don’t care one lick about your brokerage or your agents outside of its ability to get the client what they desire.

2) What clients value the most is not a “good” real estate agent or prestigious brokerage, but rather a person and process who can deliver the lifestyle experience they desire.

So we crafted messaging that made the client’s experience and outcomes — not brokerage features — central to their brand and marketing communication.


As a startup real estate brokerage in a highly competitive market, launching a head-turning website was critical to Revel’s growth strategy.

Revel’s website needed to develop their brand, facilitate their marketing, and drive engagement — and in a way that truly stood apart from the competition.

Together with the Revel team, we executed a custom strategy, UX, UI, and development process to meet the need, along with the ability to quickly expand as they grow.

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